London, 1895

Call me Michael. Don't believe what the factions say. This is the truth – where we are, where we've been, and what may come.

It has been 10 years since the Fall, the events that marked the end of the Victorian Age and the beginning of the Age of Darkness.

Sages and historians, those that are left, believe that the Fall signalled the breaking of a promise, or Covenant, between humanity and the Divine.

What is the Divine? God, the Supreme Being, some say. The spirit that brings reason and enlightenment to mankind, say others. Whatever it was, it was good, and it protected us. Protected us from the monsters, from Hell, from evil.

But the scales tipped. The covenant was broken. Men were certainly the cause – men have always had the capacity to choose good or evil, to direct the course of the world and its agency. Though there were always monsters with us, they were men. Men became monsters through their choices, but in the past they operated in secret for fear of reprisal. Rarely is that the case any more.

With the covenant broken, not only did monsters and evil operate more openly, but other forces, some hell-spawned, others wholly alien – began to take an interest in the world. They began to arrive, spreading corruption in our world as they had never been able before. The outlook was bleak.

Before the fall there were heroes – some were men of holy character, others self-serving. Some became like monsters in order to fight evil where it hid in secret. These sometimes succumbed to insanity and became monsters themselves. There are legends of them – Dr. Jack, Abraham Van Helsing, Victor Von Frankenstein. But they were eventually defeated, and the Covenant in London was broken. So much for the past.

After the Fall, London was cut off from the rest of the world. Whether due to the monsters now prowling around the edges of England, or because the Fall happened world-wide, none can tell. As far as I can tell, none have had news of the world abroad for 10 years. Yet our society continues, after a fashion.

Many changes have occurred. The government collapsed and many died in the ensuing chaos as the monsters came to rule the night. Factions formed to seize control and restore a semblance of order. Some of the more nefarious organizations didn't want the death of humanity – just its subversion to their causes. Evil doesn't always agree with evil, either – some work at cross-purposes. Even monsters – those once human – want control and luxury, though those more alien may have other more inscrutable purposes.

But even the monsters have something to fear. I know. I've spoken to them. They fear that someone, somehow, will rediscover the covenant and the scales will tip in the other direction. Then the Divine will rise again and there will be a day of Great Judgement….

Dark London

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